HEY U GUYS i did another vest!! this one is for myungsoo-umma !! she’s doing a punk sailor moon cosplay and says she’s gonna post photos of it tomorrow so if that interests you look out for that! her customer photos here

as usual this was a commission, our vests are made to order, and are all a collaboration between Karina and myself.

obligatory link to commission post (tho commissions prob closing towards the end of this month)


♡ pls don’t delete the credits this time tumblr ♡

sailor mercury vest for sunnyotakuu & sailor moon vest kit for lucy (idk your tumblr name sry)

studding & patches done by me & dilfosaur!! except the symbol under mercury’s wand which was done by the owner of the vest before we got it!

if you’re interested in a vest check out this link:

♡link to vest commission info♡


my sailor moon vest that started out as just a white vest !!

everything by me except the pins on the front pockets and the “pizza my heart” patch

partner in crime’s (sailor jupiter) vest here

made dis~~


now for patches n studs I guess!! the lil stars glow in the dark 💖

painted this & dyed the vest myself !

mayb i should put actual projects on here and not unicorn ponyshit i do in 10min



drawing a cock 🐓🐓🐓

the blue is much more strong irl but that’s what i get for using instagram

nice scan l8r when it’s finished~




did this lil thing of my muskrat skull

i think their eye sockets look like hearts

transparent rarity for you blog ~*

whispers might make this nicer l8r


I drew a pony in honor of finding my old My Little Pony toys today.

3 year old pony draw haaay